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6 ways to keep busy during social distancing

Whether you’re social distancing with family or just by yourself, there’s no question that staying at home can get boring. However, keeping busy during these hard times is a great way to keep your mental and physical health up. If you’re not quite sure what to do to keep busy during social distancing time, here are some things to try:

Keep normal routines for work/school

One of the best ways to keep busy during social distancing time is to keep routines as normal as possible. Whether that means getting ready and dressed for the day or logging on to work at 9 AM, a change of environment doesn’t have to stop you from living your day to day life.

Not only does this keep you busy, but it also helps you ensure that you’re eating your meals at the right time. There’s no question that social distancing can help you lose track of the time of day so keeping a normal routine can help you schedule out your day.

Try new recipes

With so many resources available to find new, easy recipes to try out, eating healthier can be a new challenge that keeps you fit while also keeping you busy. If you’re looking for something to do, see what you can make for you and your family with items that you have at home! Whether it’s a new smoothie recipe or a whole dinner plan, there’s nothing more exciting than experimenting with a hobby that keeps you healthy and provides you with a delicious new meal.

Start a workout routine

Although your neighborhood gym has closed its doors, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work out at home! With the social media such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, finding a workout plan to follow not only keeps you fit, but also helps you make a habit out of working out every day.

There are many free workout programs available that allow you to follow along to step-by-step instructional videos and tell you what to work on each day. The best part? Most of the workouts are simple, bodyweight exercises that don’t require any equipment.

Schedule virtual hangouts with friends and family

While you’re unable to hang out with friends or family members you don’t live with, scheduling virtual hangouts over video chatting services such as Zoom, House Party, or Google Hangouts is a great way to keep in touch with the people you love while also getting your dose of human interaction. Scheduling these in advance will make it seem more like a real hang out!

Online interactive games with friends

After catching up with some friends and family over video chatting, another good option is to play interactive online games with them! Whether it’s trivia, pictionary, or other games, there are so many fun online games that allow you to play with other people. This is a great way to pass time and helps you keep your mind off the outside world for a little while.

Watch a movie online with friends/family

If your friends and family aren’t in a talkative mood, even just watching a movie together is possible with chrome extensions such as Netflix Party. With this, you’re able to watch a movie all at the same time while enjoying the virtual company of the ones you love!

While this is a hard and unique time for everyone, it’s important to remember to keep your physical and mental health in shape. Taking frequent breaks, check in on your loved ones, and remember to treat yourself every once in a while!